The most diverse façade solutions are based on the system of mullion-transom wall MB-SR50. Choosing them bases not only on requirements concerning thermal insulation of the structure, but also on expectations for the object aesthetics. MB-SR50 system allows creating structure of the various appearance: apart from basic version, there are also available such variants as: vertical and horizontal line MB-SR50A, semi-structural façade MB-SR50 EFEKT, “Industrial” version or the overlay system MB-SR50A, designed for application in supporting structures made of wood or steel profiles. A glass pane of an appropriate thickness can also constitute the structure bracing element – the system MB-SR50 A “Glass mullion” is based on that solution.

With regard to opening elements in MB-SR50 structures, we have a wide range of solutions for both the door and the window, including among others: window titled outwards as well as very aesthetic and functional skylight windows (roof windows). The mullion-transom system constitutes the base for anti-burglary structures, and it also allows introducing new, individually designed shapes of cover beads or mullions.

Our offer includes also structural MB-SG50 and semi-structural MB-SG50 SEMI glazing systems destined for constructing facades that give a prestige and representative character to the building.