The system is intended for constructing and producing the light weight curtain walls of hanging and filling types. The external appearance of the façade free form visible cover beads - similar to the structural wall - was obtained thanks to the appropriate preparation of the in-fills and application of the fastening elements acting in the interspaces between the in-fills and covered with the so-called weather silicones.

The proper thermal and acoustic insulation was achieved by the application of a continuous thermal break made of HPVC insulation material as well as profiled gaskets made of EPDM.

Thanks to the sandwich structure of the lintel-window sill strip, in which the non-flammable materials such as mineral wool and plaster boards are used, the fire resistance classification was obtained depending on the construction of F0.25(EI15)NRO, F0.5(EI45)NRO.

In the MB-SR50 EFEKT façade it is possible to apply opening-tilt windows, basing on the structural wall system MB-SG50.