Fire protection systems

Fire protection system

In the beginning of 2012, we started production of fire protection joinery, which is used in public utility buildings and residential buildings. To manufacture fire protection joinery, we are obligated to have Certificate of Compliance of products with requirements of Technical Approval. Conducted audit in our company was classified as positive. As a result, our products are marked “B” building sign and provides for a safe product. Fire resistance construction is made to provide protection against fire and smoke, thus allows safe evacuation of people from the building in case of arising fire.
PROMOST obtained a Certificate of Compliance ITB-2104W, enabling legal and safe production of fire resistance doors in ALUPROF MB-78EI system according to Technical Approval AT-15-6006/2012. We manufacture fire resistance doors and walls in EI15 to EI60 class (number means time in minutes, in which fire and smoke can not penetrate the barrier construction).
Main features ensuring safety in fire protection system:

• Three chamber profiles filled with fire resistant inserts,
• Special fire resistant glass, thickness up to 49 mm,
• Cooling-insulating fillings in solid fulfillment option (panel),
• Special doors hardware and arming,
• Special setup of joinery at the construction site.


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