Smoke exhaust windows and flaps

Smoke extraction systems

Results of many analyses and long-term studies have revealed that smoke and toxic gases are the main hazard during the fire. When ventilation systems are used to remove smoke, toxic gases and heat, it is possible to provide smoke-free zones during the fire. This task is realized by YAWAL smoke vents. Thanks to tested and documented reliability, this solution is very important for fire safety and simplifies firefighters work because of it provides better visibility and lower temperature in aspiration zone. Smoke extraction systems allow eliminating risks to health and life.

Smoke vents are made of profiles designed for Yawal roof windows and as drive and control elements built in the construction. For this purpose only special components are used that are tested and certified according to EN 12101-2 standard. Solution completed with YAWAL system is characterized by versatility and high functional quality.


• Max dimension of leaf 1400 x 2300 mm,
• Weight of leaf up to 160 kg,
• Coefficient of outflow takes into account outflow of side wind.


• Electric actuators;
• Chain actuators;
• Stem actuators;
• Arm actuators;
• Pneumatic actuators;
• Both single actuators and synchronized in tandem can be used.